YiFang married Australia's top gold jewelry brand ACG, the number of online users approached 10,000 on the first day
2021-08-19 21:01:30 Reading



Abstract: On August 18, 2021, Onefang Jewelry and Australian Crypto Gold Co., Ltd. (ACG) formally signed an in-depth cooperation at the Hilton Hotel in Shenzhen Xishekou, forming a new online and offline dual network sales model.


On August 18th, during the golden autumn season, Yifang Jewelry Shenzhen Co., Ltd. exerted great influence in the gold and jewelry industry, and attracted the attention of many entrepreneurs and investment institutions. The vice president of Australian Crypto Gold Limited (ACG), Andrew and his leaders visited the headquarters of Unifang Jewelry Shenzhen and inspected the Rongchao Economic and Trade Center of Unifang Jewelry, Allianz Building, and the gold processing plant of Unifang Jewelry.

Subsequently, the two parties formally signed an in-depth cooperation agreement at the Hilton Hotel in Shenzhen Xishekou. This is a win-win cooperation, forming a new online and offline dual network sales model.


Why did ACG Australia choose to reach in-depth cooperation with Shenzhen local brand Yifang Jewelry?

Shenzhen has been China’s financial and commercial center since the reform and opening up. In recent years, it has grown into one of the most prosperous cities in China’s coastal areas. With the further opening of China’s financial market, Shenzhen has gradually become a financial pioneer in terms of economic and technological development. As Yifang Jewelry, which grew up in Shenzhen, both its sense of market and brand strength have won the high recognition of ACG.

As a traditional gold company in Shenzhen, Yifang Jewelry has mature offline sales channels, and its network radiates to South China and Central China and neighboring countries in Southeast Asia, but the online channels are slightly insufficient. ACG company, the full name of “Australia Crypto Gold Limited company” (Australia Crypto Gold Limited company), was established in March 2021. It is a new gold and jewelry company based on the Internet network platform as a sales channel. ACG was jointly established by Australia’s well-known Telford Gold Mining Company (ATG) and the leading domestic gold mining company-Sanshandao Precious Metals Co., Ltd. Yifang Jewelry has been blessed by ACG’s strong brand and strong online network.

The NFT products jointly launched by ACG and Yifang Jewelry this time, the NFT products jointly launched by ACG and Yifang Jewelry, the overall market is still in its infancy, but the whole market is quite promising. Currently, there are nearly 10,000 community users.

During the exchange process, ACG leaders said that the brand of Yifang Jewelry can quickly be recognized by users online. The main reason is that Yifang Jewelry’s artistic gold industry chain positioning, and the cultural inheritance concept of gold + NFT is easy to get current. The recognition of society and the promotion that everyone can consume gold, everyone can embrace the value concept of gold art.


Mr. Liu Guohao, General Manager of China Unilateral Jewelry, led everyone to conduct in-depth exchanges on the company’s group layout at the Rongchao Economic and Trade Center at the company’s headquarters, and shared the digital mining operations, gold mining resources held by its subsidiaries, and gold operations. The whole industry of design and processing.

During the visit, Mr. Liu gave a very detailed explanation on the current gold craftsmanship. As an expert with more than 20 years of mining and gold industry experience, Mr. Liu said that the gold crafts currently favored by senior collectors are enamel craftsmanship and ancient craftsmanship. , And personally carried out the description and demonstration of the crafting technology.

Mr. Liu said that at present, the group company’s gold jewelry sales are more of 3D hard gold craft gold and 5G craft gold, because such products are more likely to be favored by young people who pursue fashion. The texture and beauty of 3D and 5G gold are very good. , And the value of pure gold is preserved.

ACG Vice President Andrew said that the first batch of 100 grams of gold products with the “Yifang Jewelry” and “ACG” logos has been launched, and members can purchase them in the Yifang Mall. The art gold and NFT based on the art work of the well-known artist Zhou Huixiang as the carrier are in production and will be available for sale soon.

We believe that blockchain and Internet of Things technologies empower the innovation and development of the gold industry, and will surely enhance the competitiveness of Chengdu’s gold industry. In the future, there will be “Shandong Mine Gold” in the north, “Shanghai Standard Gold” in the east, and “Shenzhen Yifang Gold” in the south. A new pattern of China’s gold industry will be formed.

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