YGG joins hands with FTN-LEA to build a global chain tour guild (DAO) system and create a global chain tour guild benchmark!
2021-08-10 19:35:41 Reading

 Yield Guild Games (YGG) is a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) for investing in irreplaceable tokens ( NFT ) used in virtual worlds and blockchain-based games. The organization's mission is to create the world's largest virtual economy, optimize its community-owned assets for maximum profit, and share its profits with token holders.
Recently, the YGG Chain Tour Guild community surpassed 30,000 users and received $4.6 million in funding from A16Z. , its guild vault grew from a value of $1 million in March to $420 million at a high rate. As the development enters a new stage, the demand for decentralized autonomous system is getting stronger.
Besides developing alone, YGG recently reached a strategic cooperation with FTN-LEA technical team through negotiation at the top level, both parties will build a global chain tour guild (DAO) system as the development goal, create a new standard of global chain tour guild (DAO) form, form a perfect business structure, and boost the development of hot segments such as metaverse and chain tour.
Traditional Internet companies and game companies have laid out meta-universe, a large number of high-quality P2E chain tour will continue to emerge, the best bridge for high-quality P2E chain tour to reach end users is the guild. the cooperation between FTN-LEA and YGG will bring new heights for chain tour recruitment and retention of household volume, and promote the future development of chain tour.
FTN-LEA Introduction
FTN-LEA platform is a decentralized community autonomy organization (DAO) platform initiated by a group of enthusiasts who aspire to the future world of blockchain gaming. FTN-LEA Chain Tour Guild aims to gather community power and bring together chain tour enthusiasts through the infrastructure built by FTN-DEX (DeFi, DEX, NFT trading market, Token lending, NFT lending, NFT mining, LP liquidity mining, etc.) to provide assistance to participating blockchain game players, tap into high-quality meta-universe projects and blockchain game publishers, and to Provide financial support, traffic support and technical support to help the blockchain game industry flourish. While growing FTN-LEA chain game guild, the development of the industry will also bring sustainable and considerable benefits to the guild.
FTN-LEA will purchase NFT assets in the meta-universe chain game and lease the assets to guild members through a leasing plan, and the guild members will gain revenue by participating in activities or battles of the corresponding game and share the revenue with the guild. Guild members can profit without investment, and gain income by participating in game activities and consuming time. The no-threshold 0 jerk way will quickly attract users, and through official self-promotion and independent promotion by users, it can further attract new traffic for the guild and chain game.

Y YGG Introduction
Yield Guild Games (YGG) is an autonomous NFT decentralized organization that focuses on helping investors aggregate assets and bet on NFT for profit, ultimately sharing the proceeds with backers, and currently YGG is focused on the gaming NFT space. Just like real estate, the virtual economy of gaming will take place on virtual land. Since virtual land is scarce, the demand for virtual land in blockchain games will continue to grow.
Business model based on "play to earn"
In the future, FTN-LEA will join hands with the YGG (DAO) guild to build a benchmark community of "play and earn" chain games, as well as to create the Metaverse, the communication tool of the future, to create the world's largest virtual world economy. Both parties will optimize their community-owned assets for maximum utility and share the profits of those assets with their token holders.

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