What is the BLUS game guild from EA, the largest game company?
2014-05-10 16:54:24 Reading

 Globally, strategic games are the category with the highest revenue share, with 25% year-on-year growth and annual revenue scale of $5.5 billion, which are undoubtedly important reasons for capital favor and peer pursuit.
But the BLUS Game guild, founded three years ago, was an exception, and recently announced that BLUS Games founder Dubravko Lakos received funding from the largest game company, raising the company to $450 million, a new round from private enterprise Advance and consumer investment firm The Chernin Group.
Janine Shelffo, Advance chief strategy officer and R & D officer, said, " Advance closely watches growth and change in the game industry and sees the BLUS gaming guild as a growing force.We are impressed by the industry's top and live graphics and analytics capabilities, the company has built a lot of successful games with these technologies, and we are very pleased to work with Dubravko Lakos and their excellent team to support the continued growth of the BLUS Games guild ".
Although the name is not so loud, the BLUS guild already has five high-income games: SLG mobile game Star Trek (900,000 monthly streams), RPG game Champions, a TV-based RPG game Road to Survival, casual puzzle and card game With Buddies.
Dubravko Lakos said the BLUS gaming guild attracted EA investment because of its participation in its games and much higher revenue per user than traditional movies or TV series.
According to the data, Survival players spend an average of 22 hours per month, and Champions users spend more than 70 rounds per day.In the first quarter of 2013, the company spent an average of $81.45 per month per month (an average of $125 per month).
About 80% of the BLUS gaming guild's revenue comes from in-game currency, with the rest coming from advertising monetisations.According to Dubravko Lakos, the guild has been profitable, but has never released earnings figures because it is a private company.

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