Team Just launches Metaspace Protocol
2019-07-13 20:00:00 Reading


The popular blockchain game FOMO 3D last year made the Team JUST team famous. FOMO 3D has set off a domestic blockchain game boom. Game merchants imitating the model of FOMO 3D have swaggered and cheated under the guise of blockchain, which is too simple. The mode of FOMO 3D makes the plagiarism cost of FOMO 3D very low, but the real core security issues are often ignored by users. Most of these merchants do not have the ability to build a secure smart contract platform, resulting in the game running away in a hurry. After FOMO 3D, the blockchain fund game broke out. There are widespread problems such as black box operation, opaque data, and unfair fund distribution. Players and users have fallen into fund disks, pyramid schemes, and scams. The chaos in the industry is reborn.

The Team Just team is eager to change this predicament and reshape the entire crypto industry. In fact, earlier, Mansto, COO of Team Just, often tweeted his views on the development of games and the entire blockchain industry. He has publicly declared that we have seen the development trend of Web3.0 and the power of GameFi to reshape the future of the game industry, and that diversified digital aggregation platforms can help the encryption industry go further.

Based on this background, the Team Just team launched the Metaspace Protocol. With the fall of FOMO 3D, the Team JUST team gradually faded out of our sight. Now, they are back again with new projects, or will set off a boom in the currency circle again.

It is reported that Metaspace Protocol is a multi-national Web3.0 third-generation Internet participants, blockchain enthusiasts, encryption technology experts, a number of decentralized VC institutions, Silicon Valley geek groups and many Dao members to participate in the construction. A decentralized Web3.0 aggregation platform. The team's vision is to build a blockchain-based digital economic ecology, and its mission is to realize the freedom of wealth for every citizen. It is committed to promoting the wider application value of blockchain technology in various fields around the world and accelerating the construction of the Web3.0 ecosystem.

The goal of Metaspace Protocol is to create an aggregated public platform that integrates Defi+NFT+GameFi+Socialfi+Metaverse. To popularize blockchain technology to more traditional Internet fields, let more users feel the charm of blockchain technology, Metaspace Protocol's mission is to become a powerful force in global commerce, to provide all users around the world with a reliable, transparent and Decentralized digital ecological network.


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