Senior game technology experts set up the Larva Labs team. They developed the most free masterpiece in the history of the game but ended up with no disease?
2017-06-22 12:10:06 Reading


Senior game technology experts set up the Larva Labs team.

They developed the most free masterpiece in the history of the game but ended up with no disease?

According to media reports, Matt Hall and John Watkinson, senior game technology experts, formed the Larva Labs team in New York in mid-2017,its strength is strong and no one can compare with it for a while in the industry. But its urban planning game with the highest degree of freedom in its history of research and development has been unpopular, and it has not been diseased for various reasons. It attracts countless players around the world to sigh. The news also aroused widespread discussion in the game field.


Matt Hall and John Watkinson both have more than hundreds of game and technology platform development experience,have developed many leading technology platforms for the game industry. Games developed in the past have also become popular for hundreds of millions of players around the world, including large-scale network infrastructure, eight-bit role-playing games, blockchain technology landing application platforms, and Android applications called AppChat.

The Larva Labs team was established to create a series of decentralised products and solutions to accelerate the implementation of blockchain technology in the game industry. John Watkinson said: blockchain technology provides new growth vectors and unique innovation opportunities. We are committed to providing blockchain technology for the mass market and creating a driver-driven game economy for players. ,The senior game technology expert John Watkinson, served as general manager of GarageGames. During his tenure, he developed the leading game development platform at that time, creating more than 500 million popular games downloaded by players around the world.


Matt Hall also believes that blockchain games will become a worldwide phenomenon-level change, but due to fraud and different interests, game developers have been facing great difficulties and high costs in order to provide players with a good experience in peer-to-peer economic systems. The underlying logic and innovative characteristics of blockchain technology basically solve these problems and release great potential for the new game economy system. We expect that the application of blockchain technology will bring great changes to the entire game industry.

Larva Labs’ team’s strong strength is obvious to all. The New York Times once said that it is a blockchain art project that “may change our perception of digital art” developed by it, but it has caused heated discussion for various reasons. The players who were already looking forward to it were disappointed. The game seems to be permanently silent and no longer updated. In fact, as a failed work, it has many remarkable innovations, such as a new industrial system, a unique autonomous development engine, vivid urban landscape, high-quality mapping and modelling, high-realistic urban details, unique planning and zoning systems, but it also seems unable to save it. Anyway, we will continue to pay attention to the Larva Labs team and look forward to its new work

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