Rise of the GameFi Circuit, DRT Games Set Foot on the Journey to Break the Circle
2021-11-02 23:50:31 Reading


The investment logic of media Internet is to grasp the bonus generated by the revolution of content consumption contexts. With the gradual fade of bonus in the era of mobile Internet, Metaverse will become the new direction of the Internet industry. The core of Metaverse is a virtual space based on the real world, which extends from pan-entertainment experiences such as games and social exchanges to online and offline integration of various real scenes.

According to the statistics of Newzoo, the scale of the global game market has extended from US $70.6 billion in 2012 to US $177.8 billion in 2020, with a CAGR of 12.2%, which is expected to exceed US $200 billion in 2023. The proportion of mobile games has increased from 12.9% in 2012 to 49% in 2020, which is expected to reach 52% in 2021. We believe that the global game market will remain growing and mobile games will continue to be the main factor of growth. The overall development trend of the industry is good, which boasts of a broad space.

The number of daily active users of Axieinfinity, the main project of blockchain games, has reached a million. Game players have gained a revenue of $1000 ~ 1600 per month. In blockchain games, players can "play to earn" to supplement their lives. The boundary between the virtual world and the real world will gradually melt.

Gamefi, namely "Game + Defi", refers to the blockchain game with Defi mechanism, which is characterized by "playing to earn". Gamefi, with Axie Infinity as a typical example, has changed the profit model of the production team. It has bound the interests of the production team with the long-term ecological development of the game, and players can also share the bonus brought by the development of the game. In addition to the first release of NFT game props, the production team of the game will no longer intervene in game resources. It will make profits by relying on transaction fees, issuing governance tokens to gradually realize community governance. Game players produce game resources and trade with them freely. They can also obtain game resources through playing games and sell them. The monthly income can reach as high as $1600, which is quite attractive compared with real work.

In fact, the gold farming and free market in traditional online games have long existed, and the essence of gamefi gold has changed. The essence of gold farming in games is to obtain game resources in the game and sell them to other players. This demand for game resources finally comes from two situations: players are willing to pay for the game out of  the desire to experience; More players enter the game, resulting in increased demand for game resources.

DRT Games was born in the Metaverse world of the Internet and met at the dawn of WEB3.0. DRT Games own global professional content teams and top consulting experts in the industry, which are taking timeliness, accuracy, comprehensiveness and professionalism as the standards and are committed to building a comprehensive information platform focusing on blockchain games. They will provide global blockchain game players with the latest game information, the most professional game evaluation and strategy, the most comprehensive game testing and open information and active player social space. It is our constant pursuit and goal to explore fun and valuable blockchain games together with global players. Players can take the lead in experiencing new games through DRT Games, seize revenue points first and obtain better game experience and higher game revenue at the same time.

Games are the main presentation form of the early Metaverse, which will provide more immersive, real-time and diversified pan-entertainment experience for users. Open World, Sandbox and Simulation Games meet the requirements of immersion, freedom and fidelity respectively for users. DRT Games will combine the advantages of the above categories and derive a more diversified user experience based on the game kernel.


In the future, DRT Games will build a Metaverse earth and develop a Metaverse ecology with multiple game manufacturers in various countries. They will introduce a variety of game types into DRT Metaverse earth, including MOBA, simulation operation, RPG, tower defense, strategy, etc. If you click on each country on DRT Metaverse earth, a corresponding ecology will appear. A new earth managed on the blockchain will be built finally.

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