PSG Super Guild establishes its professional evaluation studio in Game industry
2018-06-05 14:39:30 Reading

 It is reported that the PSG Super Guild, a well-known game guild in the world, has announced the establishment of a professional evaluation studio in the game industry. The game studio will attach great importance to game R & D and professional evaluation, with no restrictions on game types. It will fully provide assistance to the implementation of the game projects. By further expansion of its business scope, it will create more value for game developers using its platform! PSG North America Super Game Guild is subordinate to the Canadian PSG Foundation and boasts of favorable resources and advantages. It is founded by Steve Gray, director of special effects of DigitalDomain, game producer of EA and game production director of Tencent. Its members come from more than 15 countries, including the United States, Canada, Malaysia, Singapore, Sweden, Russia and the Philippines. PSG North America Super Game Guild is cooperating with traditional game guilds such as Complexity Limit, GVG, Vodka and Adept to focus on the hottest games and fully promote the development of game ecology.

As to the establishment of the professional evaluation studio of the game industry, the principal said, "The establishment of the professional evaluation studio in the game industry has further strengthened the link between PSG and the game industry. It is our core mission to help game developers achieve commercial success. We believe that the professional evaluation studio in the game industry will continue to add value to our business capabilities. It will finally become a comprehensive platform that allows everyone to give full play to their potential and value. It is of critical importance for the filed of game creation which is changing and developing all the time. "

Currently, the professional evaluation studio of PSG Super Guild is still planning for a variety of games, which will come to the public in the coming months. PSG will create a growth platform for top games and will join hands with excellent game developers. By doing so, it will produce huge power and influence. In the future, we will cooperate with more high-quality game projects and achieve success through this method!

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