NFG META Labs protocol laboratory initiated and officially launched NFG META Fun International
2021-03-03 11:40:13 Reading

 On March 11, the NFG META Labs protocol laboratory was officially established. The NFG META Labs protocol laboratory was led by Cliff Motors, the former CEO of Magic Leap in the United States, and supported by the MyMALL cross-border e-commerce platform and the DARC Foundation. The core technical team of Qubang International is developed by members of the early XR technology development team and well-known R&D teams such as Facebook, Google, Microsoft, AR artificial intelligence, and internationally renowned mathematicians, cryptographers and economists. Salisu Yusuf, one of the core members of IPFS, serves as a special technical advisor to the laboratory. Create the world's first Metaverse mall through a blockchain project that deeply combines Metaverse, DeFi, and NFT.
NFG META Labs Protocol Labs announced the official launch of the "NFG META Fun International" project. The launch of this project and the launch of products will effectively speed up the process of NFG META Labs Protocol Lab's global industrial layout and expand NFG META Labs Protocol Labs The right to speak in the technology industry.
It is reported that NFG META Labs protocol laboratory, headquartered in Russia, has a large operation team in Europe and the United States. It is a technical organization with international vision and professional wisdom.
The NFG META Fun International" project has been supported and selected by companies such as Sequoia Capital and ASEAN Industry Foundation. In the process of development, NFG META Labs protocol laboratory has joined hands with Google, MasterCard International, Ouwei Technology Group and other companies. Reach strategic cooperation to jointly promote the accelerated landing and healthy development of the entire ecological industry.
In order to speed up the process of the "NFG META Fun International" project, NFG META Labs will set up 4-6 scientific research centers in the United States, Germany, Singapore, Vanuatu, Laos, Hong Kong and other places in an orderly manner, attracting 500 A technical team of people participates in product development.
At the same time, NFG META International will unite global e-commerce platforms and various smart hardware manufacturers to form a trillion-level "NFG META International" Industry Alliance", which will set industry standards as a leader and lead a new round of scientific and technological revolution. And industrial innovation, complete subversion and creation in the true sense.

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