Microsoft DID founding team establishes ReverBox lab It recruits developers in the world to build the future of DID
2019-12-06 18:18:25 Reading

 Microsoft released the news that in October 2019, Microsoft Company had difference opinions on the development direction of blockchain performance on DID with the development team. The proposal put forward by the development team represented by Yorke Rhodes which focuses on building layer 2 protocol to realize world-scale development was replaced by the proposal for improving the performance by widening the block size due to the development time and money. Although in the end, Microsoft finally restarted Yorke Rhodes's proposal after many attempts, it didn't prevent Yorke Rhodes and some of the development team members from their leaving.

In December 2019, Yorke Rhodes took the lead of some members of Microsoft DID development team to officially announce the establishment of ReverBox Lab to continue the development and research of decentralized identity system of DID and recruit developers from all over the world to build a bright future of DID.
In order to solve the problem of centralized decision-making of Microsoft and other centralized organizations, ReverBox Lab adopted the mechanism of DAO co-governance. The mechanism was initiated by Yorke Rhodes. Global developers participated in the process and made joint decisions. 
In terms of development direction, ReverBox Lab will adopt Yorke Rhodes's proposal on establishing Layer 2 Protocol to realize world-scale and will continue the in-depth development of DID decentralized identity system. Besides, cross-chain, NFT and other technical requirements are added, which expanded the future ecological scenario applications of DID and improved the performance.

At the same time, ReverBox Lab also attracted the attention of many capitals from Wall Street, including Goldman Sachs, JPMORGAN Chase, Morgan Stanley, Merrill Lynch, Bear Stearns and other international first-tier capitals, and has reached cooperation intentions with Facebook, Amazon and other international Internet giants.
In 2019, shortly after Facebook released its Libra whitepaper, Microsoft team that was working on DID at the time agreed to reach a cooperative intention with Facebook. ReverBox Lab was also invited to develop the Libra system after it was founded.
With the acceleration of digital development, decentralized identity system of DID will play a more and more important role. We believe that ReverBox Lab will make its own wonderful progress on the track of DID and may become a key component of the future Internet development. Let's look forward to it together.

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