MetaFarm helps the agricultural and animal husbandry industry upgrade, leading the era of blockchain digital technology and animal husbandry
2022-08-04 14:45:25 Reading

 New Zealand is a country with a very developed animal husbandry. Animal husbandry occupies a very important and irreplaceable position in the national economy. Dairy products and meat products are the largest single export products, accounting for 22% and 14% of total exports respectively. It can be seen that animal husbandry has a great influence on the economic development of New Zealand, and even the development of animal husbandry also determines the advance and retreat of New Zealand's economy to a large extent.

At present, there are many restrictive factors in the development of agriculture and animal husbandry in New Zealand: insufficient feed security, low purebred rate, small-scale free-range economy, inadequate supporting services and veterinary services, restrictions on import and export channels, government policies/fund shortages, etc. Agriculture and animal husbandry development.

For a long time, the breeding industry has been at the bottom of the industrial chain. The biggest constraint is the lack of trust between rural and urban areas caused by information asymmetry, and rural areas cannot turn their green and pollution-free resources into brand advantages. And technologies such as blockchain and the Internet of Things can just solve this problem.

MetaFarm has a digital ranch with a complete breeding system, which precisely solves these pain points of the breeding industry: no sales channels, low profits, and low brand influence. Concepts such as "making the sheep's life transparent and visible" and "blockchain traceability" of digital ranch, on the one hand, improve the popularity of blockchain sheep farming, and on the other hand, establish sales channels to solve sales difficulties.

MetaFarm uses blockchain technology + IoT big data + cloud computing + 5G information technology application to help industrial upgrading, create a new capital-level agriculture and animal husbandry ecology, and lead the era of blockchain digital technology animal husbandry.

The platform aims to realize resource sharing, information exchange, and production-marketing integration of the entire animal husbandry production chain in New Zealand, and to create a whole animal husbandry industry chain with "digital pasture, closed-loop production chain, digital chain, and traceability" as the core. The information visualization platform accelerates the modernization, digitization, and digital transformation and upgrading of the animal husbandry industry, and promotes the new integration of animal husbandry and Internet+.

The platform covers grass and animal product processing enterprises, forage planting enterprises, large-scale farms, professional cooperatives, financial institutions, insurance companies and other relevant powerful enterprises in the animal husbandry industry chain. All members share resources, effectively improving the quality and level of the development of the animal husbandry industry.

The platform's data collection system enables each sheep to have a unique ID and generates a scannable QR code. Consumers scan the code to know the breeding information. The information is open and transparent, giving consumers more freedom of choice.

MF is an ecological token designed for user behavior and changes in the economic form of the agricultural industry in the digital pasture ecology. In the entire digital ranch ecosystem, the greater the user's contribution to the ecology, the more Token incentives will be obtained. In addition to crowdfunding, consumption and other behaviors in the platform, users and merchants can also use tokens to conduct transactions simultaneously. Consumers also need to use tokens to pay when they consume with merchants in the ecosystem, and can also be used for The right investment, and the identity data embedded in each sheep and each user is conducive to relevant security monitoring.

In addition, the Zhimu futures platform is one of the ecological products of the digital ranch. Futures are the general trend of mobile Internet development. The Zhimu futures platform is a new futures trading platform integrating trading, marketing, market development and other functions. It is the first domestic mutton-dominated cross-system futures trading platform that fully covers WeChat, APP, and PC.

The Zhimu futures platform calculates the profit and exchange based on the 24-hour market conditions of the world mutton market. Even if you judge the wrong direction in a short period of time, there is a possibility of turning losses and reversing in the future. Zhimu Futures Platform Micro-transaction Center actively responds to the national action plan to promote "Internet +", and under the guidance and supervision of relevant national policies and regulations, through the encouragement and key support of the provincial party committee and the provincial government, relying on the great development strategy area of ​​"One Belt, One Road" Advantages and resource advantages, the mutton futures micro-transaction of the basic platform framework provides comprehensive financial services such as settlement, receipt, consultation, and technical support of related commodities.

MetaFarm is sheep-oriented and develops new digital technology farms. Digital Ranch 1.0 establishes a complete breeding system, and the epidemic prevention system ensures the normal reproduction of sheep, and gradually opens up a number of functions such as crowdfunding cloud shepherd; 2.0 will further expand the area of ​​the pasture, build a digital pasture ecological scene, and complete digital live broadcasts, shopping malls, etc. Construction of ranch ecology; 3.0 will open up tourism, commercial supply chain, and create a new type of digital technology ranch in the 21st century.

MetaFarm Digital Ranch - Create a new animal husbandry ecology and let the blockchain come into life.

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