LG Group's third NFT - "LGT-NFT" dazzles the world
2022-08-15 16:18:33 Reading

 LG Group was founded in 1947 in Seoul, Korea, and is located at 20 Yeouido-dong, Yeungdeungpo-gu, Seoul. It is an international conglomerate that leads the world in industrial development. LG Group has established more than 300 overseas offices in 171 countries and regions. Its subsidiaries include:LG Electronics, LG display, LG Chemicals, LG Life & Health, etc. Our business fields cover chemical energy, electronics and appliances, communications and services.

Previously, in March, LG Lifestyle Health announced that it would launch its first NFT brand "Belief" in the Korean beauty industry. This new NFT product is the second NFT collection launched by LG Lifestyle Health during the year.
In July 2022, LG filed its third NFT-related trademark application, covering:TV software for issuing and trading NFTs, software for NFTs and crypto trading, etc. This third NFT release has a token attribute attached to it, allowing both NFT and token empowerment to pass through LG's metaverse ecosystem in the future. (Virtual animal park for children,virtual office for workplace)
The lgt is the third lg-nft token, designed to give all three nft's in the LG series a tandem. It is also intended for LG's fourth nft.
Since its establishment as the pioneer company of consumer electronics in Korea, it has created many "Korean firsts". For example, the first Korean washing machine was produced in 1959, the second year of the company's establishment; the first private research and development center was established in 1976; the first Korean overseas sales company was established in the U.S. in 1978, and in that year, Gold Star Electronics became the first Korean company to export $100 million; the first production branch was established in Mokou in 1981;  In 1992, the company acquired All Star Electronics Co. In 1994, we developed the world's first CD digital video recorder. In 1995, the company merged with Gold Star Communications to strengthen its multi-business strength and changed its name to LG Electronics Co. Since 1997, we have successfully replaced the "Gold Star Brand", which was well known among customers in Japan and abroad, with the "LG Brand".

With lg electronics as the open mouth, lgt will gradually get involved in lg energy, lg chemical, lg communication, lg machinery, lg metal, lg engineering, lg service, lg sports and
other fields, which will eventually become the governance tokens of LG Group.

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