Is GameStop Developing an Ethereum-Based NFT Platform?
2021-09-03 23:52:40 Reading


There has been no official confirmation yet, but industry observer going by the Twitter pseudonym ‘croissant’ has been connecting the dots for their 53,400 followers.

News that GameSpot was developing an NFT platform originally broke in late May when the company stated that it was “officially getting into NFTs.”

It launched a website at the time that contains very little aside from a big clue in the form of a large Ethereum logo.

GameStop and Ethereum Tie-Up?

The gaming giant made a bucket load of money earlier this year following the famous GME stock short squeeze in late January. As pointed out by “croissant”;

“It gave GameStop a tremendous treasure chest of funds to work with and use to advance their new CEOs vision of becoming the Amazon of gaming.”

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