Embrace Metaverse, Meta Passport Links the Virtual World
2022-02-22 16:49:56 Reading

  In 2021, the long-dormant concept “Metaverse” became more and more popular in the tech and venture capital circles. Tech giants and venture capital firms are working hard to take advantage of the next Internet era.

Roblox shocked people of the world in March when it came into the market of U.S. stock market with a market value of nearly $30 billion. It has attracted more than 7 million developers worldwide to develop games. Roblox has built an economic ecosystem between 7 million game developers and customers making payment. Roblox is considered to have explored business models closer to “Metaverse”.
Capitals came to the market one after another, which instantly made Metaverse more and more popular. Some even claimed that 2021 is the first year of Metaverse. So, what exactly is Metaverse?
Metaverse came from an American science fiction novel named Avalanche published in 1992. It refers to building a three-dimensional virtual world that is parallel to real life and has basically the same experience. It reliably bears virtual assets, virtual identity and other physical objects and realizes the replication of underlying logics of the real world.
In Metaverse, people can turn themselves into a virtual image who can finish work, social networking, gaming, shopping and even trading. Metaverse represents the endless virtual world and it can interact with the real world in diversified ways. That is why capitals focus on it.
Metaverse, which once seemed to be beyond our reach, is becoming a reality in 2021. For example, when Travis Scott held a virtual concert in Fortnite, 12.3 million players worldwide attended the virtual concert, creating the highest number of simultaneous online viewers in the history of the game.
The social communication giant Facebook also launched a VR social platform Facebook Horizon, which is seen as the first milestone in Facebook's exploration of “Metaverse”.
People from the tech and investment community all consider that Metaverse couldn't be realized by one company because all people should participate in that and become developers or a players. In Metaverse, people use shared standard protocols, virtual technologies, network compatibility and other technical means.
 In order to make all people participate in games, we should focus on one issue, which is how to establish a decentralized identity system of DID for participants in a more convenient way.

The key for Meta Passport to open Metaverse
Meta Passport is a decentralized identity platform for cross-chain NFT+DeFi protocols as well as an open NFT ecosystem. Meta Passport allows all people to create their own DID identity. Each DID (decentralized identity) is an NFT which can enable cross-chain compatibility with different platform accounts and realize ecological convergence.
At present, Meta Passport has seamlessly connected with many Metaverse projects. Users can create a DID account and establish their digital identity. After corresponding Metaverse projects are associated, users can directly use this DID digital identity to access Metaverse platform. More importantly, this DID digital identity can also integrate multiple Metaverse platforms, which can save users trouble of frequent registration and login and ensure more secure, efficient and convenient operations.
Meta Passport aims to integrate the whole universe ecology through the cross-system DID aggregation protocol and form an interconnected and systematic virtual world. It will become a key to open the Metaverse world.

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