AVAX & ARES, together defining the ecology of the Pan-Entertainment Social Metaverse
2022-06-08 20:00:03 Reading

 Recently Charles, the CEO of ARES, and Howard, the director of marketing operations of AVAX, had a meeting on cooperation at the International Blockchain Development Conference; Charles said; ARES will have more breakthrough development plans in the future, and will conduct meeting activities in the global DAO community that has been promoted to respond to the majority of users and enthusiasts around the world. AVAX is one of the top two public chain protocols in the world, and we are looking forward to working with each other. Then AVAX announced the cooperation information of ARES, AVAX that became the new global strategic partner of ARES.

What is ARES? Why is it able to attract the attention of global NFT enthusiasts and chain tour enthusiasts, and even strategic cooperation with several international organizations.

ARES is a pan-entertainment social meta-universe aggregation platform that brings together a team of core executives from global top 500 Internet companies and co-founded in 2020. ARES will create a pan-entertainment meta-universe aggregation social ecology through DAO organizational form and launch digital financial services to provide a collection of entertainment social channels for global users.

ARES will build a social meta-universe based on the DAO community, extending to the physical business sector, while creating application space and commercial value for pan-entertainment NFT - ARES DAO. ARES DAO will be a GameFi interest community with blockchain as the underlying technology, a dedicated service for GameFI hobbyists and NFT hobbyists of competitive entertainment, social interest and life services of a fully autonomous DAO community.

About AVAX and ARES
AVAX is an open source blockchain platform based on Defi design. It helps developers build future-proof application protocols with high enterprise-class collaboration, high Byzantine fault tolerance, and low resource waste, while guaranteeing security and scalability.ARES is the world's leading pan-entertainment social aggregation platform, creating a pan-entertainment meta-universe aggregation social ecology for global users. The cooperation with AVAX, ARES' five ecological deployments, GameFi, AresSwap, Social Ecology, Web3.0 applications, and pan-entertainment NFT exchange, can all be more efficiently augmented in AVAX, thus making ARES more accessible to global users, maintaining efficient circulation and high scalability, while ensuring users of high security and transaction speed.

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