The Sandbox and SHIBUYA109, Japan's leading fashion shopping department store, enter into a partnership to launch SHIBUYA109 LAND
2022-03-02 18:47:19 Reading


March 2, The Sandbox announced a partnership with SHIBUYA109, a leading Japanese fashion and shopping department store, to launch SHIBUYA109 LAND to provide users with a virtual Shibuya experience so that virtual visitors from around the world can experience Tokyo culture. In addition, SHIBUYA109 plans to release related NFTs and launch a mini-game where NFTs can be earned. SHIBUYA 109 (109 Department Store) is a fashion shopping department store and corporate brand of Tokyu Mall Development Corporation (TMD Corporation), a wholly owned subsidiary of the Japanese company Tokyo Kyuko Denki, of which SHIBUYA 109 in Shibuya, Tokyo, is the founding No. 1 store, an iconic commercial building in the Shibuya area, and one of the centers of Japanese pop culture. It is also one of the centers of Japanese pop culture. (Medium)

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