Gulfstream NFT Card pre-sale is about to begin
2022-08-18 18:30:09 Reading


Gulfstream is an African physical mining company invested by Gulf Fund, a cryptographic investment Fund company based in Singapore, which provides users with bitcoin mining, wealth management and transaction services. Based on the abundant water energy resources of the Congo River, the Gulfstream team has established more than 8,000 square meters of smart mines in Congo, Africa. At the same time, 50,000 professional Bitcoin mining machines were deployed in the Congo in 2019, and more than 30 professional technical teams carried out continuous server maintenance.
In the future, Gulfstream will make use of its rich mining conditions to build an integrated platform of physical bitcoin mining +DEFI+NFT, so as to provide services for more users to participate in Bitcoin mining.
As the industry's major institutions enter the bitcoin mining industry, the threshold for ordinary users to participate in bitcoin mining is becoming higher and higher. Gulfstream platform makes it easy for everyone to participate in BTC mining through an integrated platform. Holding the NFT card certificate of interest will achieve a double mining, BTC and BTCC at the same time.
On August 19, Gulfstream will launch a webwide pre-sale offering of 300 NFT cards at a 5% discount.
Gulfstream platform

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