CFM is about to be issued and the first phase of cooperation plan between New Form Capital and QiJi community has been completed
2022-08-18 10:00:00 Reading


Official news, New Form Capital, a well-known institution in the industry from New York, has officially reached a strategic cooperation with the world's top Chinese community - QiJi community. The first phase of the cooperation plan has been completed.The CFM token will be issued as a value medium for the QiJi community to link out and expand resources. The CFM token will be based on the QiJi community consensus, linking more external high-quality resources and investment targets for all members of the QiJi community.
According to insiders of New Form Capita, the initial value anchored by CFM is the ZK-PORT platform currency, PORT, the IDO platform under Poriot, the world's first landed block space. As the world's first DAO to govern the IDO platform's token, owning PORT has the right to governance and decision-making of ZK-PORT, and can get more industry star coin quota allocation.

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